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Simplify Your Cloud Complexity: Easier Than You Think

Overwhelmed by the complexity of managing your cloud infrastructure? Our CNCF-certified team simplifies Kubernetes for small businesses and enterprises alike, with our Cloud & Kubernetes Support services.

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Seamless Software Development: Your Vision, Our Mission

Struggling with maintaining an in-house software development team? Our Application Development and Customer Software App Support services help you bring your vision to life without the hassle of recruitment or training.

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Expert IT Talent: Yours On-Demand

Having trouble finding or retaining specialty IT talent? Let DevsOperative be your solution with on-demand access to a seasoned team of tech experts, streamlining your operations while keeping you at the forefront of technology.

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Affordable Digital Transformation: Budget-Friendly, High Impact

Tight on budget? With our competitive pricing and dedicated support for non-profits, digital transformation is now affordable and accessible for all.

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Avoid Service Outages

Service disruptions can greatly impact user experience and deter potential customers. With proper cluster management and efficient cloud-native application operations, these disruptions can be largely mitigated.

Our tiered services ensure smooth operations at each growth stage, ultimately leading to improved user experiences, reduced customer churn, and accelerated business growth.

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Stay Ahead of the Game: Navigating Tech Upgrades

Experiencing the pressure of constant changes and upgrades? Our DevOps Assessments & PRRs help you stay on top of the game and ensure your operations are always up-to-date.

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Why Choose Us? Your Trusted Tech Ally

Unmatched Expertise and Proven Success in Cutting-edge Technologies

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Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

The KCSP program is a pre-qualified tier of vetted service providers who have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes.

- Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Red Hat Partner

We believe that collaborative communities of experts create the best open source, IT, and customer experiences. So we’ve connected trusted partners into a powerful ecosystem for our customers.

- Red Hat

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Proven Success Through Years of Practice

Harnessing decades of expertise in IT solutions, microservices, event-driven architecture, and cloud-native development, our seasoned team excels at crafting advanced automations and integrations. Our track record speaks volumes - we've successfully navigated the most complex of projects, ensuring high-quality outcomes and robust solutions. We're not just a provider, we're a partner who's committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in tech, setting new standards, and driving your business towards innovation and excellence.

Our Team

Years of experience building high functioning teams

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Dan Mikita
Chief Executive Officer
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Dan McCracken
Chief Operating Officer
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Adam Sova
Chief Information Officer
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Eric Fox
Chief Technology Officer